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The Steps into Work FAQ

What is Steps into Work and how can it help me?

Steps into Work is a training programme to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed be more confident in independent job searching. Over the course of two weeks, we will build your confidence and motivation, while equipping you with a range of employability skills, including boosting your CV and practicing interview techniques. We will also teach you how to access the hidden job market and use LinkedIn. If you feel you lack motivation and confidence and are finding it challenging to gain employment, Steps into Work can help you!

Who teaches it?

Our Employability Skills Trainer, Frank Fallon, delivers all of the sessions. With over 13 years’ experience facilitating skills-based training including self-development and livelihood programmes, he is able to provide necessary support and knowledge to prepare you for work.

 What do I need in order to join?

Steps into Work sessions are held 10am – 12.30pm Tues-Thurs for two weeks. You’ll need access to the internet (either phone or laptop) and there is a sign up session you’ll need to attend prior to the programme to go over your personal details, eligibility and to finally build an employment profile so we know how best to support you.

Will Steps into Work get me a job?

The main focus of Steps into Work is to help build confidence and readiness to work. We’ll provide all the necessary information for where to look and how to find the right job for you and to get you actively looking for work. If you feel you need more support our one to one service with an employment specialist maybe more suitable.

Is Steps into Work an online programme?

Yes, currently all sessions are delivered over Zoom.

I have never worked before can I still access the programme?

Yes, this programme is definitely for you! In our Motivation session there is an opportunity to do a skills assessment and goal setting, so you can find jobs/careers that may be suitable for you. We also help you set realistic goals in how to successfully gain employment in that area.

I just been made redundant and on job-seekers allowance can I join?

Our programme is specifically for those that are economically inactive (not claiming work related benefits, or have been out of work for a long period of time) but if you are a new claimant you may still be eligible.

I have a family member is interested can I recommend them?

Yes! Get in touch today. 

What if I’m still not ready to work when the programme finishes, can you help me?

At the end of the programme you will be able to have a one to one with the Trainer and discuss next steps. We will always have your best interests in mind and if we are unable to offer you continued support with our service, our community knowledge of other suitable programmes will ensure you can continue your journey in good hands

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