At Twining Enterprise we are passionate about mental wellbeing at work and reducing stigma in the workplace. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the UK’s leading companies to help them realise the benefits of taking on our clients

Companies have, in fact, found excellent staff members from Twining Enterprise. The employers we work with, know we have their best interests at heart, and as a value-driven organisation, we work collaboratively with them in to ensure our clients can  transition smoothly into jobs, and employer and employee attain mutual benefits.

By working with us

  • You have access to a talent pool of highly motivated candidates
  • We help you create a positive, diverse, workforce and inclusive environment.
  • We assist your managers in understanding mental health and how to best manage staff experiencing wellbeing challenges.
  • You will be able to enhance your diversity and CSR initiatives.
  • You will help change lives and help marginalised individuals, back into work.

If you are an employer and you'd like to work with us please call our head office on 020 8840 8833 or email info@twiningenterprise.org.uk