Mental Health First Aid Training for Waltham Forest

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We're delivering Mental Health First Aid Training for Waltham Forest’s front-line health and social care workers.

Waltham Forest Public Health and Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning group have asked Twining Enterprise to deliver six Mental Health First Aid training courses; free for front-line staff from NHS, council and other key services.

The first of these events will be a Mental Health First Aid Lite ® course on the 9th of March 2016 - an introductory three hour mental health awareness course.

Visit our booking page to secure your place.

Was very engaging and I feel like I am walking away a lot more informed. This course should be mandatory...

About MHFA Lite

MHFA Lite ® trains you to:

  • Define mental health and some common mental health issues
  • Identify stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues
  • Relate to people's experiences and support people in distress
  • Look after your own mental health. 

For more information on this course and to book, visit our booking page.

Other MHFA training course dates will be announced soon including MHFA Standard, MHFA Youth and MHFA Youth Lite. Keep up-to-date on our MHFA Waltham Forest page and on Twitter @Twining News or drop us an email at mhfa@twiningenterprise.org.uk

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