A Day in the Life of an Employment Specialist…

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At Twining Enterprise we have an amazing team of skilled and knowledgeable Employment Specialists ready to support our clients on their journey to finding, sustaining and retaining good work.  However, have you ever wondered exactly what an Employment Specialist does?  Here, one of our IPS Works Employment Specialists, Enia Phocas, tells us what her typical day looks like…

“I start the working day by setting up my workstation.  As we are still working from home in the main, I like to set my work things out in the morning and pack them away in the evening, so that I get some separation between work time and home time.

I then sign into the team chat.  The official start of my working day is 9am, but I like to log on earlier so that I can read any emails that have come in overnight and calmly think about the day ahead.  I normally do paperwork and admin for the next hour. There is quite a bit of paperwork to do in this job, to sign people up and update their notes after a meeting; so if I have a late meeting the previous day, I use this time to write up my notes.

My first client meeting of the day is often at 10am. Depending on where someone is on their employment journey we might be working on their CV, building up their confidence, working on their wellbeing or preparing for interviews.  We might also be discussing training opportunities, including our internal programme, ‘Steps Into Work’, if the client feels that education or training is what they need to help them become more employable.

Once I have finished the client meeting, I update the notes on our internal systems and make sure to find and send all the resources I have discussed with the client in our meeting.  I can have up to four client appointments a day, so staying organised and keeping everything up to date is a really key part of my job.

The majority of the day alternates between doing admin and speaking to clients.  If there are things I need to clarify in terms of paperwork and admin, I can always call my colleagues; I also speak to our Skills and Education specialist about clients who want particular courses.  There are also weekly team meetings which provide a nice opportunity to connect, and larger monthly meetings which give updates and where we can discuss new initiatives.

Overall, I would say that this is a rewarding and fulfilling job.  Twining Enterprise is a lovely place to work and my colleagues are truly fantastic.  It is wonderful to work with people on a regular basis and help them achieve their goals.  I feel lucky to be able to be part of clients’ journeys to work, education and wellness.”



Please note - This charitable project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

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