Governance to Support Sustainable Growth

Trustees Week 520

13-17 November marks Trustees’ Week, and here at Twining we are celebrating the vital strategic governance support our diverse Trustees’ board are bringing to support us to grow our delivery across London.


As Twining undertakes an ambitious phase of growth our Board are bringing their diverse range of skills, experience and contacts to help us develop sustain ably. It is enormously helpful as a CEO to have an engaged and supportive Board with a healthy dose of challenge! 

Oli Jacobs, Interim Chief Executive.

Thanks to support from the Social Business Trust and rolling out three major new programmes across London, IPS Trailblazer, IPS Works and Journey 2 Employment, Twining enterprise is growing fast. Our rolling recruitment is seeing new staff on-boarded every few months and a times of significant change like this the role of Trustees is particularly vital in ensuring a continuity of vision and leadership. 

At a strategic level, the Individual Placement and Support that we provide has been generally accepted as the best method of helping people with severe mental health issues. This means that over the next few years there should be opportunities for us to build on our successes so far.

Liz Meek, Chair.

We are hugely grateful to our highly skilled and committed Trustees whose time, as volunteers, has been vital in steering us through this exciting phase. And not only are they extremely important to us but we know they are genuinely compassionate about and championing the needs of our clients with mental health issues across London. Working together we are changing the lives of more and more Londoners every year with their diligent governance seeing us go from strength to strength.

As a Twining Enterprise trustee, I enjoy seeing how what we do makes a real difference to people's lives. It is really great to meet our staff and see how skilled they are in helping quite vulnerable clients into work.

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