Finding work is helping Lucy look to the future


How looking for work and finding work helped Lucy* look to the future, for the first time in years.... 

I was engaging with my care team at the hospital and I was referred to Jasmine, [an Employment Specialist at Twining]. I was feeling down and this was ongoing for 10 years.

But at the same time, even though there was no/ little improvement in my mood, I felt that I needed to start looking into work; increasing my hours and gaining new work experience and skills. I felt it was time to move forward with my career goals rather than moving backwards.

My Advisor helped create a CV, contacted employers on my behalf and accompanied me to my first interview - it was a comfort to have someone there that I knew. Any problems I encountered I could easily speak to my Advisor about it and she met up with me afterwards, whilst in work, to continue that support.

I have gained more confidence and increased my communication skills with customers in my new job. With this support, I feel more confident taking up social activities and meeting new people

I feel I can imagine where I will be in the near future and am able to plan my future better with the support given. I feel more optimistic and more positive about moving forward with my life.

*This client has chosen not to share their real name and image.

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