Support to see a clear way through

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Steph had been experiencing some feelings of overwhelm and needed support to help regain her focus and see her way through a difficult time.  Her therapist suggested Twining Enterprise and that’s when she met Amy, her Employment Specialist.  Amy’s help supported the therapeutic work Steph was already undertaking, by providing advice and guidance, with a focus on practical solutions.  We asked Steph about the support she received…

What was happening for you before finding Twining?

I think I felt overwhelmed with all the different things that I was facing. There were both work issues and life issues going on and I couldn’t see my path through. I wasn’t able to find a starting point.

How did Twining help?

I received a call after being referred to Twining by my therapist. Amy helped by listening without any judgment and always being upbeat. I was able to vent and this helped me to untangle the jumble. Because Amy focused on practical issues and pointed me to the solutions, I could regain my focus. She always put me in a good mood and boosted my confidence so I could keep moving on.

What’s happening in your life now?

With Amy’s support, I could then focus on my upcoming promotion at work. I have also found the right people to talk to about housing issues and I am on track to the right therapeutic support now. I also now have a polished CV for my future.  Thanks to Amy, I feel much more positive about the path ahead.

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