Support helped Mitsa see she had something to live for

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Mitsa's* experiences with Twining helped her to find volunteering opportunities and get involved with her community. This was after years of feeling like the world had nothing to offer....

About 13 years ago I went into depression – a lot of things had happened in my life. I also have a rare condition (Episodic Ataxia) which makes my head overheat and my speech slur. The condition causes me to lose my balance – my legs go like jelly and my whole body goes weak. In the end I had to leave my job and I felt like there was nothing to live for. I didn’t realise there was support out there for me.

I was referred to Brent IAPT, by my doctor, for anxiety and depression. The therapist then referred me to employment support and Twining Enterprise took over my case in December 2012.

My Employment Advisor was really helpful and supported me to find voluntary work.

We initially had one-to-one appointments every fortnight but now every three weeks. She helped with application forms, with opportunity searches using the internet and listened to my problems. I am comfortable around my Advisor.

I have started volunteering with a women’s centre as a gardener. I am about to start volunteering with Twining's 3 in 10 project and as a befriender for a local charity. I am also attending first aid training with St John’s Ambulance.

In a few weeks I hope to develop an up-to-date CV. I am in a better place now and I am happy that opportunities have come my way. I thought the doors were closed to me.

As well as volunteering I have been going to the gym and have lost 3 stone. I have never been happier.

I hope this story will help other people who are in a similar position.

*Due to the stigma attached to mental health, this client has chosen to withhold their real name and image.

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