The Transformative Power of Being Truly Welcomed, Seen and Heard

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"When you listen generously to people, they can hear the truth in themselves, often for the first time." – Rachel Naomi Remen

Imagine finding a safe harbour amidst a storm or being recognised as a unique melody in a vast symphony. In today's fast-paced world, where many feel lost in the crowd, the profound acts of truly seeing, hearing, and welcoming someone become that sanctuary. From the busy streets of our cities to the impersonal realms of social media, genuine human connection is often overshadowed by fleeting interactions. At Twining Enterprise, we strive to be that sanctuary, offering a space where individuals are acknowledged and truly understood in their quest for meaningful employment.

This deep-seated need for acknowledgment finds its roots in pre and perinatal psychology. The act of welcoming a new life, of truly seeing and hearing its first cries, is foundational to its future well-being. Spiritual traditions across the globe echo this sentiment, emphasizing the sacredness of truly acknowledging another, akin to recognizing the divine spark within each individual.

When was the last time you felt truly seen and heard?

Supporting individuals with mental health challenges on their employment journey is complex. Yet, amidst the web of contract terms, quality standards, and eligibility criteria, Twining’s underlying mission shines brightly: to genuinely welcome, see, hear, and empower individuals, guiding them towards their employment aspirations and, in the process, aiding their holistic recovery.

For nearly three decades, Twining has been a beacon of hope for over 20,000 people, helping to uncover their path towards brighter futures and fulfilling careers and while we skilfully traverse the complexities of systems like the NHS, DWP, and Local Authorities, our true strength lies in our unwavering commitment to human connection.

John Bowlby, a luminary in attachment theory, ventured that our identity is profoundly moulded by the recognition, affirmation, and attentive listening we receive from our earliest moments. Just as a child thrives when enveloped in the warmth and attentiveness of a caregiver, our clients flourish when they feel genuinely seen, heard, and welcomed in their journey. This sentiment resonates with Maya Angelou's poignant words: "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Twining's Ethos in Action

Deepening Client Connections: At Twining, we believe that every individual has a unique story, filled with aspirations, challenges, and dreams. Our approach goes beyond traditional assistance. Through empathetic engagement, we actively listen, seeking to understand the nuances of each client's journey. This isn't just about employment; it's about life aspirations. By validating their experiences and aspirations, we create a partnership that fosters both personal and professional growth. Dr. Dan Siegel's work emphasizes the transformative power of feeling "seen" and "heard," essential for emotional well-being and resilience.  One of our clients explained:

“Najla understood me very well and was like an angel to me.  She showed me who I really am after sessions of consulting and helped me to gain my self-confidence and clear my mind.  She appreciated any of my small steps for self-care and development and supported me to get back on my feet through her compassionate listening and constructive words of empathy, inspiration and motivation.  Najla supported me and encouraged me to call myself a qualified Architect, which I have been, but I was shy of addressing myself as that.  I am in a much better place than I was prior to starting at Twining.  I feel organised and in a better state of mind and feeling optimistic for the future.  My Employment Specialist instilled confidence and hope in me.” - Jessamine

Strengthening Team Bonds: Our team is our strength. Recognizing the unique insights, experiences, and skills of each team member, we've cultivated an environment where every voice matters. Regular team-building exercises, feedback sessions, and collaborative projects ensure that trust and mutual respect are at the forefront. Patrick Lencioni's insights remind us of the foundational role of trust in team success, cultivated when individuals feel genuinely heard and valued.

Building Trust with Partners: In our collaborations, we prioritize transparency, mutual respect, and genuine engagement. By actively listening to our partners and valuing their perspectives, we've established enduring relationships built on a foundation of trust. Stephen M.R. Covey's teachings on the pivotal role of trust in partnerships resonate with our approach. We believe that when trust is the cornerstone, collaborations are not only more effective but also more rewarding.

Cultivating a Positive Culture: At Twining, culture isn't just a buzzword; it's the lifeblood of our organization. We've fostered an environment where every individual feels recognized, cherished, and empowered to contribute. Regular feedback loops and a focus on continuous learning ensure that our culture remains vibrant and inclusive. Amy Edmondson's research on psychological safety highlights the importance of creating spaces where individuals feel safe to voice their ideas and concerns. We've taken this to heart, ensuring that our culture not only celebrates achievements but also learns and grows from challenges.

As Twining strides forward, our mission remains clear: to genuinely recognize, listen to, and uplift every individual we encounter. Our focus transcends mere employment support; it's about forging positive human connections in service of growth. Each interaction is an opportunity to validate someone's journey, to truly hear their story.

Looking forward, our true measure of impact, isn't just in careers built or challenges surmounted, but in the hearts touched, dreams ignited, and communities uplifted.




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