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Despite being a fully qualified architect, Jessamine’s anxiety and depression meant she didn’t have the confidence to acknowledge her professional achievements or search for jobs.  However, since finding Twining Enterprise and her Employment Specialist, Najla, who instilled confidence and hope in Jessamine, she now feels organised, in a better state of mind, and optimistic for the future.  Jessamine wrote to us to tell us what she thought of our service, and this is what she said…

I would like to recommend Twining Enterprise to whoever needs support in getting back to their career life.  I was new to the UK society and so stressed out and lost at the beginning.  Although I was qualified in my profession and had work experience back home, I found myself so anxious about finding a job in my industry.  I absolutely didn't have any confidence and was so upset and thought less of myself.  Everything was so blurred for me and I was looking for a hint to make-up my mind and find myself.

Najla understood me very well and was like an angel to me.  She showed me who I really am after sessions of consulting and helped me to gain my self-confidence and clear my mind.  She appreciated any of my small steps for self-care and development and supported me to get back on my feet through her compassionate listening and constructive words of empathy, inspiration and motivation.  She was extremely professional and skilled.  With her help, I started to set my goals plus finding out my reasons and priorities.  Then together we set an action plan and I started checking all the options confidently.

It was so heart-warming to talk to someone who understands my situation.  By engaging with the ‘Steps Into Work’ programme and learning the CV criteria, ways to look for job opportunities and application methods, I gained the necessary tools and confidence to find my way into my career life.  Additionally, Najla sent me the information and documentation that are specifically related to my working industry.  As a new immigrant, I became familiar with the professional culture and formal language of the UK which helped me with influencing and forming proper communications with employers and enhanced my abilities to describe my skills.

Najla supported me and encouraged me to call myself a qualified Architect which I have been, but I was shy of addressing myself as that.  I am surprised that I have applied for three job roles in one company and succeeded at the assessment stage and awaiting to hear.  I have also passed my driving theory test, applied for various apprenticeships and continue to apply for job roles where I can pursue my passion. I was able to do this because of the support I have received. I am very grateful and thankful to Twining and my Employment Specialist.

With Najla's immense patience, advice and motivation, we did CV reviews, formal communication and writing cover letters, practiced interview skills and applied for both job vacancies and universities.

I am in a much better place than I was prior to starting at Twining.  I have attended all the Steps Into Work sessions.  I feel organised and in a better state of mind and feeling optimistic for the future. I have started to practice self-care and I also support my husband with self-care techniques. 

I am no longer anxious or depressed.  I have the knowledge to explore the various job options and I am confident to independently job search.  My Employment Specialist instilled confidence and hope in me.

Thank you Najla, I wish the best and blessings for you.  I appreciate Twining for helping people to learn the necessary abilities in order to find their career path.

Please note - This charitable project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.


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