2021: A New Year, a New Beginning

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2020 was a year of monumental upheaval. Nevertheless, at Twining Enterprise we believe in turning challenge into opportunity

If in December 2019, someone told you in the following year we’d be cancelling Christmas on account of a global pandemic, you’d be forgiven for reacting in disbelief. However, in 2020 this is exactly what has happened. It’s fair to say the political, economic, and social impact felt from the coronavirus pandemic will be felt for years to come.

As a third sector charity we too did not escape this. However, even in the midst of uncertainty, we found ever more reasons to be hopeful. From the start of the first lockdown all the way back 23 March, we remained agile and adaptive. In fact, our rapid response to the pandemic, meant we not only maintained services but expanded them. 

The true stories of success belong to our clients. In 2020 we’ve supported over 1000 people with mental health and employment-based challenges begin the journey to unlock potential. 400 are now in work further education or training.

These are amazing achievements not only because our clients are often dealing with complex and enduring mental health conditions, but because of the current economic turmoil. Together, with employment specialists our clients have navigated job redundancies, recruitment embargos, and a massive labour market contraction. Despite this, the charity has supported them to find and sustain mainstream employment with a high degree of success. Their perseverance, determination and positivity has led to even better outcomes. 

Part of this is also down to our amazing staff members over half of whom have their own lived experience of mental health. Nevertheless, their tenacity and resilience, has meant we’ve continued to change the lives of our clients across the capital.

Our staff members embody Twining Enterprise’s values, and ensure we remain true to our mission whatever the circumstances

We are hopeful 2021 will be a better year, and the start of a new beginning. While many questions remain unanswered; particularly in regard to pandemic, what we can say with surety is that Twining Enterprise will continue to do what it does best; and that’s to help individuals from London with mental health problems in and into work. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, and as this new year commences we pledge to reach out to vulnerable Londoners, so they too can access and enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.

To join us on this incredible journey, please consider becoming a supporter visit https://twiningapp.azurewebsites.net/

If you live in London and require our support please click here.  

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