Mental Health First Aid: Skills that Stay with you

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Twining has regularly trained front line workers to become Mental Health First Aiders. Three months later we asked them what impact MHFA had.

Front line staff across London’s public services are helping increasing numbers of people with mental health problems. MHFA gives them the knowledge and skills to identify people who show signs of distress or ill health and to know how to help.

The feedback after the course was very positive – in fact every single person gave us positive feedback for the course overall, rating their experience ‘very good’ (86%) or ‘good’ (14%).

The wide variety of issues covered...So many people have a 'problem', but feel they can't tell others.

Three months later we went back to all the new First Aiders to find out what difference the training made – and the results were excellent.

  • 77% of people said they had provided comfort and initial support to someone.
  • 62% of people said they had challenged stigma or discrimination
  • 100% of people recommended the course for their colleagues.

Staff from the Council, NHS, Police, Job Centre Plus, Housing Associations and the voluntary sector benefited from the training. Over two thirds of the new First Aiders came from black and minority ethnic groups (BAME).

It is something we need to spread, so everyone can be knowledgeable, or more knowledgeable, to make a difference to at least one person too.

Since the training courses more organisations are approaching us to find out how we can help equip their front line staff with skills for work and life.

If you would like to find out how Mental Health First Aid can help your organisation give its front line staff the skills and confidence to look after your customers you can see our latest trainer and training updates here.

We have training dates available across 2018 for individuals to book or we can deliver bespoke training to groups of at least 10 staff. Contact us at training@twiningenterprise.org.uk to find out more.

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