Working with 2econd Chance to give our clients a second chance…

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Twining enterprise is thrilled to be working with 2econd Chance to provide clients with refurbished computers which are critical in supporting them to train and independently job search.  Without these computers some Twining clients might have to rely on shared computers at community centres or internet cafes, making learning and looking for work more challenging.

2econd Chance is a Community Interest Company (CIC) established to offer people living with social, emotional, and mental health needs, physical or learning disabilities work-based training in the IT sector.  Working alongside specialist staff, trainees learn how to refurbish donated unwanted computer devices as well as developing soft skills required for employment including communication, problem solving and inter-personal skills.  The refurbished computers are either sold at affordable prices with the proceeds fed back into providing more training opportunities or 1 in 4 machines are donated through partners to reach people in need in the community.

The social enterprise currently has 20 trainees who visit the Hendon site weekly, all with varying abilities, but with a shared objective of wanting to work.  When you get a device from 2econd Chance you know it has been lovingly data cleansed, refurbished and delivered by 2econd Chance graduates – so each device has a very personal story behind it!

Isobel Aptaker, Special Projects Manager at 2econd Chance explained,

“Many of our trainees have felt isolated from society because of their disability, but the refurbishment work gives them a sense of purpose and belonging.  Additionally, by being able to provide refurbished devices at affordable prices we are helping to close the digital divide, which was more apparent than ever during the pandemic.  We also provide a socially responsible way for individuals and organisations to securely dispose of their unwanted devices at low or no cost.  It’s a win-win-win situation!”

Twining enterprise was recently delighted when 2econd Chance kindly donated one of the refurbished computers to its client, Nasira Omar, who explained,

“Thank you to Twining and 2econd Chance for providing me a laptop to help me with my learning. I was struggling to learn at home or do homework without a computer. Now I'm looking forward to completing the ICT courses and then qualifying to do what I always wanted to do, translating and interpreting.  Thank you all for making it possible for me to achieve my goals. I'm truly grateful.”

Chief Executive at Twining Enterprise, Oli Jacobs said,

“It’s been fantastic working alongside 2econd Chance as they share our ethos of recovery through work.  We know that being out of work erodes hope – but 2econd Chance give people an opportunity to feel useful again, in turn helping our clients to independently job search and undertake online training at home using computers which might normally be outside their price range.”

About 2econd Chance

2econd Chance offers people living with social, emotional and mental health needs, physical or learning disabilities work-based training in the IT sector. Working in partnership with referral organisations across north London they provide a bespoke supported training programme designed to foster an increased sense of self-belief and confidence through the development of practical skills.  

Supported by the team, trainees complete 40 to 60 hours of hands-on training matched to their ability, focused on the fundamentals of computer hardware and software management. By the end of the training programme adults will be able to refurbish an old computer, adding years onto its lifespan. These machines are then sold via 2econd Chance C.I.C. to fund the training programme with 1 in 4 machines being donated through our partner organisations.

On completion of the training adults will be encouraged to become volunteer ambassadors supporting other adults through the programme, signposted to additional training  and mentored through searches for employment.  

Help us to help others by donating your old computers to 2econd Chance.  

You can find out more at https://www.2econdchance.co.uk/

About Twining Enterprise

Twining Enterprise exists to improve mental wellbeing through helping people with mental health problems find and stay in work; and for over 25 years it has been changing the lives of individuals across London.  To help create the right job opportunities Twining works directly with employers, handpicked for their desire to create an inclusive and diverse workforce which values mental wellbeing, and challenges stigma and discrimination.

If you are 19 or over, unemployed and have a mental health condition, Twining Enterprise's IPS Works programme can help you with finding work, sector-based training or help prepare you for independent job-searching.  Our IPS Works project is part funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund.

You can find out more at www.twiningenterprise.org.uk.

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