Shining Bright with Pilotlight


Twining Enterprise are partnering with an organisation called Pilotlight for the next year to strengthen the way we work. Ultimately, this will help us deliver even better support for Londoners with mental health problems! Pilotlight will be offering guidance on topics like governance, planning and efficiency. 

We’re continually looking at ways to improve, grow and innovate. So we’re pleased that Pilotlight have seen the support we provide and have chosen to work with us. 

Pilotlight have already successfully partnered with over 450 other charities. Their model works by matching charities with relevant business leaders, who form a team of Pilotlighters. They, alongside a Pilotlight project manager, work closely with the charity and their trustees. 

Bob Kitchin, our Chief Executive, who recently met the team for the first time, said:

My first meeting with our Pilotlighter team was really energetic! The whole team are clearly interested in what we do and committed to help us take Twining forward; so that we meet the employment and wellbeing needs of more people, successfully and sustainably. I’m really looking forward to a great year ahead.

Our Pilotlighters have chosen us as the charity they'd most like to work with; it's great to see their commitment to mental health and passion about Twining! We’re looking forward to further meetings with our Pilotlighters and benefiting from their knowledge, talent and experience. Thank you Pilotlight!

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