Giving up is not the answer

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Manjari met our Employment Specialist, Monica, following an injury which had caused her to experience the job market in a very different way than she had done previously.  Manjari was experiencing continual setbacks and rejections, but Monica helped her to see that giving up was not the answer, and by keeping going, eventually you will find a positive new direction. Manjari’s renewed energy and persistence paid off and here she tells us how having a supportive Employment Specialist by her side helped her on her journey to employment success…

“I was serendipitously referred to Twining Enterprise and allocated to Monica, my employment support advisor.  In the past I had been incredibly lucky to have been healthy and enjoy a newly started career I was so passionate about and had worked incredibly hard for a long time to get to.  I was thriving and workplace adjustments were something I knew very little about.

I had a Masters and graduated from University with a First, so I always thought that if you put in the work there will always be a job out there for you, somewhere.  But this isn’t the case at all.  My perspective changed after an injury and continual setbacks and rejections.  Something I’d never experienced before.  I learnt that sometimes, it’s not how hard you work and the skills you have that lead to a job - there are other barriers to the workplace.

I was really at a loss with what to do, and lost confidence in my abilities because it really did feel like employers did not see my worth despite references to say otherwise, and proven experience on my CV.

Monica, I will always have a lot of gratitude for meeting her. She was a support when it felt like there was really no other options, and she kept me keeping on.  That persistence paid off eventually, and a lot of that is due to Monica, though she won’t take any credit.  She became someone I really valued having to talk to, in a professional capacity.  She views the person holistically, and really helps you find something you’re suited to and will enjoy.  Or at least a stepping stone to a more positive direction.

Life may not always lead you where you were thinking or deserve, but at least there are people out there like Monica who remind you that giving up isn’t the answer.  And that an employer out there, somewhere, will see your worth.  They’re just a little harder to find.”

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