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Kelly found pursuing her dream job as a self-employed musician had become increasingly difficult during Covid, leading her to experience anxiety and a loss of motivation.  In 2023 when her mental health suffered a dip, she found herself in hospital, but before leaving was referred to Twining and met Sanjay, her dedicated Employment Specialist.  Sanjay helped Kelly to develop her CV, look for work and supported her with interview preparation.  She’s now secured a fantastic job for three days a week allowing her to pursue her music the rest of the time!  Here Kelly tells us her story in her own words…

“I have been self employed as a musician most of my life but found it very isolating during Covid and, due to restrictions, wasn’t able to perform or connect with others. I got a job working in mental health for the NHS but left after a year to pursue music again. When my own mental health took another big dip in 2023, I found it very difficult to do any self-employed work due to anxiety and a loss of motivation.

I ended up in hospital in 2023 but before I was discharged, I was referred to Twining Enterprise. I eventually started working with them when I was starting to look for work. I was very anxious and lacking in self-esteem but decided that getting a permanent role would help me to feel more connected again and give me some routine and purpose.

Sanjay at Twining helped me to get clear around my job goals and looked over my CV and helped to craft it into something clear and striking. When I started to get interviews, we did some interview practice which helped me to feel more confident and prepared.

I was offered two jobs from three interviews, and I am now employed by a charity working three days a week and pursuing my self-employed work the rest of the time.  I feel like that was the first difficult step along the path to creating a career I am excited about.

A mixture of medication, therapy and the support of Twining amongst other things, helped me to get back on my feet and I feel really hopeful about the future.”


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