Facing new challenges…

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Bethany found Twining Enterprise and her dedicated Employment Specialist, Steven, when she was really struggling at work.  Steven’s support helped Bethany to face challenges she might otherwise have turned away from.  Steven’s patience, kindness and expertise gave Bethany the courage to keep trying for work… Here Bethany tells us, in her own words, just how much finding Steven meant to her…

“Steve has been really helpful to my life since we met in June.  When I was struggling at work, he was a calming and encouraging influence.  Since then, he has allowed me to think outside the box and go towards challenges I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Importantly, when I was let go from my job, Steve offered guidance to me once again which allowed me to feel supported and gave me the courage to try again.

I am grateful for Steve’s patience, kindness and expertise.”

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