Feeling the emotional support

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Katherine met our Employment Specialist, Monica, when she had reached a very difficult phase in her life and needed someone to support her through the darkness until the light could eventually shine through again.  It was after a session with Monica, that Katherine felt so touched by the support she was receiving, that she wrote the following letter of thanks.  We are sharing it here to demonstrate the power of human connection, and the huge support our Employment Specialists can offer to our clients, at a time when they need it most…

“For me, your support makes all the difference in my life.  I say this seriously.  Having you in my path, especially in this situation that seems to have no end, is invaluable.  To have this care from woman to woman, without barriers of nationality, to feel care with true and real human support.

The feeling of emotional comfort that this gave me yesterday is indescribable because it goes beyond technical support.  It’s the quality of one human being to another human being.

The feeling that even though I exposed to you my difficulties, my anguish, my panic and my vulnerabilities, I was not discriminated against or judged or insulted for this or for being a foreign woman.

Just because I'm going through this situation, I've been able to increase my awareness of how quickly events happen and how they drastically influence my mental health.

Thank you very much Monica.”

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