I’ve grown so much

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Sam found Twining Enterprise and their dedicated Employment Specialist, Aniko, after hitting a major low in their life.  Sam had been in therapy but described Aniko and Twining as an “absolute lifeline”.  Aniko’s steadfast support and encouragement helped Sam to grow… Here Sam tells us, in their own words, just how much finding Aniko meant to them…

“Aniko has been a real blessing.  I’ve really needed support with my confidence and mental health to get myself back on track with work.  Since my ADHD & CPTSD diagnosis, it’s not been easy and Aniko has been patient and encouraging.  Therapy has helped, but Aniko and Twining has been an absolute lifeline.  It has honestly really helped to have someone as keen and supportive as Aniko in my corner, helping me rebuild myself after hitting a major low.

Meeting weekly or biweekly and being able to contact her via email and phone has just made things so easy.  She’s a great sounding board and has persevered when I was really struggling, to remind me of all the things I am doing well and to keep going.  I’ve grown so much since we’ve started and I’m so grateful to have a resource like this.

I was overjoyed when I found out there was support like Twining and I can’t thank you enough for the work you do.”


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