Help at the most difficult time of my life…

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Hoshiko found Twining Enterprise and her dedicated Employment Specialist, Monica, at one of the most difficult times of her life.  Monica’s unwavering support and encouragement held Hoshiko up during a very dark period.  Here Hoshiko tells us, in her own words, just how much finding Monica meant to her…

“Monica helped me enormously at the most difficult time of my life. I could not have gone through it without her kind, and thoughtful, support. I cannot imagine how I could go on with the ordeal I experienced without the regular support from her.

She trusted and encouraged my mental strength from the beginning to the end. The Twining organization reminds us to support those who are vulnerable individuals at work.  My sincerest appreciation for Monica’s kindness and her support throughout.

I was lucky to have met her during the most difficult time of my life and I could not have survived, and carried on, without her.”

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