From endless knock-backs to securing a job!

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Naeem had been constantly applying for jobs but hearing nothing back.  This caused him to feel low whilst his anxiety also gradually increased.  This is when he approached Twining Enterprise and met Sandra, his dedicated Employment Specialist, who supported him in his job search and introduced him to a charity which supports young people into the hospitality industries.  Naeem now has a job he loves working as part of a supportive team in a busy food outlet.  He told us his own inspirational story…

I was unemployed and struggling to find the right job for me.  I was applying for lots of jobs, but many jobs were saying I was unsuccessful, and I just didn’t have enough time to properly research different employment.  I wasn’t feeling well in myself and maybe this was why I kept being unsuccessful.  It was tough for me as I kept going but kept getting disappointed.  The job searching was very anxiety inducing.  That’s why I decided to approach Twining Enterprise.

I heard about Twining through a friend and I was put in touch with Sandra, who became my Employment Specialist.  I arranged a phone call with Sandra – which lasted around an hour – and she told me about the programme and how it works and what it involves.  She explained to me how the programme worked really clearly.

She looked at my CV and how I’d been preparing for interviews.  It was really helpful.  She kept going back to my CV and she helped me to improve it.  She said it was a good CV but she also showed me how it should be written.  She said I’d had some good work experiences but it wasn’t presented in the right way to show off my skills.  Nowadays CVs are different and she helped me with laying out my CV in a different way.

However, despite Sandra’s help, some jobs still weren’t getting back to me.  So, Sandra contacted Springboard for me – it’s a big charity in London that helps people to look for jobs and gives people training and helps them to get the job.  I did some training in hospitality through Springboard – and the trainer helped me to see different places – hotels, restaurants, etc.  I visited different places and spoke to people and they showed me around the buildings.  They took me to a pub too and gave me an opportunity to try out different jobs in the pub.  I’ve never done work in pubs in jobs before and I really enjoyed the experience.  It felt like a great opportunity.

The Springboard Programme Manager was sorting out people’s work placement and he gave me a work placement at a café in North London and now I have a permanent job there!  There were lots of people wanting to work there, and I was one of the lucky ones!  I worked really hard and then I got the job!

It feels really good – I believed in me – and now I just need to continue doing well.  I’m a bit slow at some things but they give me time.  The team work really helps me.  I’ve been working in places on my own before and I’ve been a bit slow, and people haven’t been impressed with me.  But in a team I work really well.  I’ve been polishing glasses and handling equipment, and working with a team.  I can choose which days I can work too. 

My anxiety has passed now too, and so I feel much better in myself.

I liked the fact that Sandra introduced me to Twining Enterprise and I liked having meetings with her every week.  She made sure I understood about interviews and preparation and we went through documents together as well.  She helped me look for jobs that were right for me.  Plus, if there are any problems with the work I can always inform Sandra about it – which is really reassuring – but thanks to Sandra, I like the workplace I’m in right now and what I’m doing.

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