I want to tell whoever reads this, it is possible, and you can do it!

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Sophia was physically and mentally burnt out from a very stressful job which caused her to experience extreme depression.  This situation made it almost impossible for Sophia to look for work, until she met Sanjay, her Employment Specialist at Twining Enterprise, who provided support and gentle challenge to encourage her to apply for suitable job roles.  Together they took baby steps and now Sophia works in an organisation she had always longed to work for!  Here she tells us her story in her own words…

My situation…

Before Twining Enterprise I felt stuck in a dead emotional rut. I chose to leave my role due to the stress of its workload. Following the end of my role, I spent almost 8 months out of the role recovering mentally and physically from burnout and severe depression. I was looking for the confidence I once had and struggled with the transition from having a job role to having little income and options to do the things I loved like learning to swim better, the cinema and exercising in the gym.

The action I took…

Having support from the NHS mental health team, they suggested I connect with Twining Enterprise to boost my return to work. Prior to this I spent three months applying inconsistently and was afraid of work. I met Sanjay and he was instrumental in helping me cultivate inner confidence. He interrogated my old ways of thinking, doubts and assumed limitations of what I could do. He encouraged me to set and meet audacious goals and back myself up more. He reminded me that it was up to me whatever I chose to do and I should make the best decision for myself in every situation.

We took baby steps. I applied to volunteer, then started looking for part-time roles and one day Sanjay asked what was stopping me from working full-time. He pushed me to think about it, so I reflected and applied for a full-time role. I prepared intensely with Sanjay – he went over my CV, we role-played and targeted interview questions, and even prepped the small stuff I overlooked like planning my interview travel route, what attire to wear and ensuring I arrived early to scan the environment I could potentially be working in. Sanjay prepared me well and I did the work. Unfortunately, I did not attend my 1st interview because I was battling with my inner fears, but I continued applying for jobs.

Another role came along from an organisation I always wanted to work for. I applied using all the advice Sanjay trained me with. I secured an interview and made sure I attended this time! During the whole process, I felt small significant changes in my mental health condition, and what I could do at work and in my personal life. I started going to the local coffee shops to apply for roles, I called my friends often and visited my sister to get out of my head and the house. I was changing from a timid and capable person to someone who was beginning to expect good things. All these things led me to secure my role.

The outcome…

Life is fairing better now. I work in a supportive environment with opportunities to grow and I am proactively seeking these. I want to tell whoever reads this, it is possible, and you can do it! If confidence is your biggest wall to employment, take baby steps. Take that unpaid role in a charity shop. Look for a part-time customer service role to get used to working alongside people, and continue applying for full-time roles. Your options are infinite. You are more than capable and have abundant skills you may not have tapped into. The more you do and take on, the more you will start to enjoy life.

Looking forward I desire to pick a personal hobby and create faith-filled pieces to bring hope to those going through unhappiness. I am glad I had this experience, it has all taught me that life is infinite and it is never too late to turn your situation around.

Thank you, Sanjay and Twining Enterprise, for helping me get back on my feet and build my confidence for more.

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