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Gloria had found herself in a dark place with her mental health but made the brave move to help herself and called upon the assistance of people she knew could support her back to health – her Health Coordinator, her family and our Employment Specialist, Hoi.  With Hoi’s support and guidance, Gloria has now managed to secure a job as a trainer at a local college.  Gloria kindly decided to tell us her inspirational story so we could share it with you too…

“Hello, my name is Gloria, and this is my success story…

As I laid in my sister’s room not knowing if I could make it with another setback with my mental health challenges, my sisters luckily remembered my previous health coordinator who was very supportive. Her name was Lori at St Anns hospital in Haringey.

Lori and my family, step-by-step, slowly but surely, helped me to get back to health. As I got stronger, I wanted to do something more meaningful like working, even part time.

I talked to my family, and they agreed it was a good idea. Then I talked to Lori, and she introduced me to Hoi at Twining Enterprise. Hoi agreed to become my work coach. He is very patient and supportive which is good because I have dyslexia.

Hoi first asked me what kind of work I would like to do.  After working for several years as a receptionist, I wanted a change.  I wanted to do something in the mental health sector.  We updated my CV.  Hoi then took me to a company called Smart Works, where they dress you and do your makeup for your job interview without payment.

Then we started looking at various companies, filling out application forms, and then I started going on interviews. I found employment at Clarendon Recovery College in Haringey as a Co Trainer, where managers and staff put students’ well-being first.

I still meet up with my work coach to see how I’m getting on. If it wasn’t for support from Hoi, Lori, my family, and a little faith, I would not have made it here. I am even facilitating my own flower arranging class in August!”

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