I feel excited and hopeful for the future!

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Isla fell into a deep depression when her dreams of a new career didn’t initially materialise.  However, she didn’t give up on her job aspirations and found her way to Twining Enterprise and our Employment Specialist, Monica.  Here Isla tells us about how she worked closely with Monica to develop her now strong job searching skills and how she now has the job that’s right for her!

I graduated with a business management degree back in 2020 with a 2:1.  I felt excited for the next step, which was my career.  However, I did not realise I would struggle to find one.  It set me into a deep depression.  I sought out help and I came across Twining.

At first I was apprehensive, because after trying for so long I was so close to giving up and I thought ‘what’s the point of trying again’.  But it was worth it, because Monica helped me write an amazing CV, communicated with me step by step on what action I should take.  Helped me with interview questions when I started rolling in interviews.  Monica was so supportive and her constant communication felt reassuring.  It motivated me to look for jobs.  With her support I was able to find a job that fitted me well and start the career I was hoping for.

Ever since I found a job with Monica’s help, I feel excited and hopeful for the future.  I’ve been feeling so positive.

Reaching out to Twining was the best decision I have made.  I learned a lot about how to seek out a career, with Monica’s help.

I urge anyone struggling to find a job, to please try Twining they will not disappoint.  With consistency and support you will find your career too, it’s out there waiting for you, just like it did for me and you’re not alone in this journey.  Twining have an amazing team, you can count on them.

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