I am now confident in myself!

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Isabella felt overwhelmed following the pandemic and needed someone on her side to support her confidence and career development. We asked Isabella how she felt about our IPS Works programme and the service she had received from Twining Enterprise and Sonali…

“After two years of the pandemic, I felt overwhelmed when I tried to look for a job.  My mental health condition and lack of resources made me very insecure.

Thanks to Twining Enterprise I was supported by a coach that understood me and actively worked with me on my personal wellbeing.  Thanks to that I regained confidence in myself.  We also worked closely to understand the path that I wanted to undertake and set a structure that helped me to focus and achieve my goals.

Now, I confidently stepped into the media industry and actively work in TV!  I am now confident in myself and looking forward to moving up and reaching my dream role!”

Isabella’s Employment Specialist, Sonali, commented,

“It’s been really rewarding working with Isabella; she has worked so hard to turn her life around and it’s been a pleasure watching her grow, and develop, and find this amazing new job role that’s perfect for her.  I have every faith she will go from strength to strength in her media career.”


Please note - This charitable project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.


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