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Vicky hadn’t worked for 14 years and was also battling anxiety and PTSD.  However, she knew she wanted more for herself once her children were all at school.  After an unhelpful experience with someone who should have supported her, she found her way to Twining Enterprise and one of our Employment Specialists, Najla, who awakened Vicky’s belief and confidence in herself again… she is now in a job she loves, and below she tells us her inspirational story in her own words…

This story may look long but please read as Twining Enterprise changed my life.

I am a 34-year-old mum of three who had not worked since having my first daughter 14 years ago. I suffered from severe anxiety and PTSD. I knew I wanted to get a job now my children were all in school, so I approached the help of a work coach. The lady who I was given asked when I last worked, so I told her, and before asking anything else she told me I had no skills and should look into cleaning jobs. I let the worry and anxiety take over and believed what she had said to me, because she must be right, I had not worked in so long… I mean, I'm just a mum, right??

Due to my PTSD I was doing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) meetings and they referred me to Twining.  The very first call with Najla made me feel different, she spoke to me like a human and saw skills within me I have never thought of.  I left that phone call feeling 6 feet tall!  Although at this point I didn't believe in myself, someone else did, and if a stranger did then maybe someone else would.

I started working on things Najla had sent me and applying for jobs at the same time. I kept telling myself even interviews are good for practice, so I applied for anything and everything I could find.

My first phone call for an interview filled me with fear but I remembered what Najla had told me and made myself attend. I was completely shocked when the company called me later to offer me not one, but two positions with them!

I took the role of Family Advisor, and I am loving every moment. My confidence grows daily as the anxiety slowly shrinks away. I have just completed my 6-month probation and was offered a full-time role, as well as being nominated for an award within the company for the work I have been doing.

My life has changed completely, I now have more reasons to love each day and as if this wasn't enough… that place who told me I was nothing and should just clean have now tried to get me to work for them!! I will not be doing that, but it was the best feeling to be able to turn them down thanks to learning my worth and skills. I got to say, “No thanks I would rather clean toilets”!!

I will never be able to thank Najla or Twining enough for helping me to feel this way, I will forever be grateful to them.


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