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Before working with Twining Enterprise, I was Volunteer Community Responder for the RVS supporting my community since Lockdown. I was also on Universal Credit but was out of work due to the pandemic.

Of course, no jobs were available at the time, and if there was a job, chances are someone would have already gotten it. It was very hard as my body and my mental health were taking the brunt of things and it also affected my relationships with my family and close people around me.

I began working with Twining’s in January 2021 after a referral from my CBT therapists. I received an email from a lady named Debra, who is the Employment Specialist at Twinings. She not only helped me by supporting me in applying to jobs but by being herself, which allowed me to relax and made me calmer. She also pushed me by always keeping me up on my feet and distracted, so that my anxiety wouldn’t get the better of me.We first started with a one-to-one chat on the phone which then led to working on job searching tips and working on my CV and Cover letters. Furthermore, we focused on creating action plans, health disclosures and interview preps.

One of the main aspects that truly helped me a lot, and which I am forever grateful and appreciative of Debra for, was her continuous support and focus on my mental health

I truly feel that in this day and age most people disregard it and do not take into account. Potentially they could be saving someone by giving them their time and listening to a person wanting to succeed and get out of that dark hole that they are currently stuck in.

Right now, have started working at a law firm as a Coordinator, which involved working on the 2021 Census. My relationship with my family and close ones around me has now improved. Not only that, my mental health has changed for the better as I now feel that my mind is clearer and I can flourish and focus on the future and pursue my career goals and aspirations knowing that I am not alone, and I can do anything that I set my mind on.

I plan to turn my current job into my future career and see where it takes me. The sky is the limit!

No matter what one has or is facing, YOU can do anything. Just reach out to someone as they might end up being the person that saves you and helps you flourish and be the person that you were meant to be.


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