“Partnering with Twining's was the best decision I could make" Dinko


Asking Twining's to help me navigate the complex and challenging domain of job opportunities was the best thing I could have done for myself – both for job searching and my mental and emotional well-being too.

During that time, I was in the process of dealing with anxiety and depression from post-traumatic stress, which meant that doing anything became a huge mission and an accomplishment. Jasmin rose up to the challenge and signed me on. She became so much more than just a work coach for me – she almost became my personal trainer, counsellor and life coach as well – through her compassionate listening and constructive words of empathy, inspiration and motivation. She was extremely professional and skilled in all these areas and worked with me to understand my individual needs and expectations, then together created a clear action plan, setting priorities which met all my needs with complete sensitivity and confidentiality.

I was so relieved to have someone that helped me, whilst having my best interests at heart,hence I was happy to give 100% of myself and looked forward to our fortnightly 1 hour calls. With her immense patience, advice and motivation we did 3 assessments, 4 CV reviews, 5 mock interviews and countless well-being discussions in only 15 sessions, enabling me to apply for 43 jobs in less than 4 months.

The wonderful “Steps into Work” Training program by Frank gave me the necessary tools and confidence to tackle the job market (as I had just immigrated) and Jasmin helped me find new careers which I would be interested in through the career assessment tool.

Thank you Jasmin, Frank and Twinings for helping me become independent and achieving the above – I could not have done it with you! 


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