'Thanks to Twining I have a job, thank you so much!'

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Since graduating from university, I had experienced jobs I was unhappy in and apart from that I had been made redundant several times. My self confidence in relation with the workplace and other situations was very low.

I had a very negative view of myself and the entire world of work, when I was finally made redundant at the start of the pandemic, and I had lost hope entirely. I didn't know what to do.

When I began working with Twining Enterprise, my  Employment Specialist took time to get to know me and my past experiences to help me deal with my hesitations, negative thoughts and anxieties around my view of myself, job searching and going back into work.

With his help I grappled with my fear and negative thinking and started to make job applications and attend interviews.

My Employment Specialist helped me to re-haul my CV, apply to jobs in a more effective way and prepare for interviews. I gained a lot of tools and skills which have equipped me so that I am in a better place for whenever I need to tackle job loss or job searching in the future. But thanks to Twining, I have a job. Thank you so much!


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