Eva writes a heartfelt letter to her Employment Specialist

eva 1

I want to thank you so much for the discussion we had yesterday on my new position and my concerns. I appreciate deeply your sincere feelings of joy and satisfaction for achieving my goal and overcoming the difficulties on the way.


We both know well how valuable your continuous support has been throughout all that time for me. You have acted not only in the form of my employment adviser, but also, and even more significantly, as my mentor, my mental health counsellor and a precious friend during this lonely and arduous journey of job searching while being affected by mental health problems.

I feel obliged to express with emphasis my gratitude for your constant vigilance of my emotional and physical status not hesitating a moment to remind me of my obligations to myself, to urge me to try harder every time I was discouraged and to focus always on the bright side not allowing external factors determine my decisions.

Throughout all that period of our collaboration, there were so many occasions when I was disappointed because of rejections even though a lot of them were due to overqualification. The dispiritedness was equally hard, but you were the one that never lost faith in me even when I lost my self-confidence. 

And thanks to this faith, I committed to keep working hard, improving my skills, expanding my knowledge and being open to new challenges and opportunities. Moreover, I learnt gradually to trust my abilities and become resilient looking forward. 

Concluding, I want to say that I consider myself a lucky person, as, one day searching for useful resources, I discovered the magic name of Twining Enterprise, and I decided to reach out and request assistance.

The response was amazing since the first moment and from the manager until my adviser who undertook my case. I have no words to describe the willingness to help in a discrete manner and the devotion to the promotion of wellbeing in all sectors of life. 


It would be ideal, if all the organisations of that type operated in the same philosophy and with the same ethos. Then, perhaps the misfortunes would be less and the societies healthier and more balanced. 

Finally, I address you all my gratitude for having you on my side throughout these strenuous times and I my warmest regards from my heart. Thank you so much. 


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