'Twining Enterprise helped me restore order to my life'

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I have suffered from low self-esteem for several years. About two years ago, my symptoms worsened considerably after a long period of very high stress at work and due to issues in my personal life.  My energy levels plummeted, and my life started to fall apart. The days grew darker for me to the point where I could not hold a thought together in my head nor could I see any way forward. 


Thankfully with the correct support I started therapy. I also left a job which was causing me to experience high levels of stress. My therapist suggested linking up with Twining Enterprise.

Fortunately, I had a moment of sense and agreed to give it a go. I was matched with Madalina; she was incredibly kind and patient and slowly my confidence levels were inching back up.  Madalina is highly experienced, calm, cheerful and reassuring.

She is able to work to my needs and gradually over the last year has steered me towards the decisions that I needed to act on, to restore order in my life. I cannot thank her and Twining’s enough.”


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