'I had no one to turn to, Twining Enterprise changed that'


I first became involved Twining Enterprise about two and half years ago. However, it was only more recently in 2020 that I really needed their help, and so on this occasion, they got in touch with me.

I have been employed in the past, but due to my son's long-term medical condition I've had to balance working with caring responsibilities. For this reason, my son receives disability benefits, and I receive carers allowance.  

  In 2020, his benefits were mistakenly stopped, as was my carers allowance. This caused me so much stress and anxiety as it was in the middle of the pandemic. It also created a lot of financial difficulties, because I was unemployed while still trying to take care of him. The benefits system is very complicated, and I really didn’t know where to go or who to turn to for support. Life became difficult. 

It was at this time, around September 2020, I was put in touch with Caitlin an employment specialist at Twining Enterprise. Caitlin is an amazing lady I will say it again and again. She helped me so much. Together we filled in a form for Universal Credit and made a successful claim. I was able to get my son’s Personal Independence Payment reinstated, and I am also expecting to have my carers allowance back soon. Caitlin also helped me complete an updated CV in a very organised manner, and I am now doing to a course in functional skills in order to increase my employability. The information, advice and guidance, that she provided, has been amazing, and I’m incredibly grateful that she was there to offer support during this difficult time.

As of today, I feel much better about my situation. I am not as stressed as I was last summer, and I also generally feel more positive. Last year, took its toll on me, however Twining Enterprise has helped me get back on track. I am now looking for part-time work, and life is finally getting better! 


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