Twining Enterprise helped me to become a work coach

work coach

Having worked in a highly pressured environment for over a year, work had taken a toll on my mental health. As as a result, I was suffering from anxiety and occasional panic attacks. The job I was doing was completely new to me and I put myself under immense pressure to learn and study at the same time. In addition, my wife had recently given birth to our son, which made it all more difficult. Something had to change.

Having considered what was best for my health and for my family, I decided that this job wasn't for me. I needed to take some time out to look after myself and decide what type of job I wanted to do. I also decided to seek help to overcome and better manage my anxiety. I therefore spoke with my doctor to refer me for counselling. During my sessions I was made aware of Twining Enterprise, so I decided to arrange my first appointment.

I felt a bit anxious when attending my first appointment with the Employment Specialist. However, during the meeting Jasmine made me feel extremely comfortable and calm by explaining how she will help me to overcome any challenges and help me get back into work. I mentioned to Jasmine that I need to build my confidence, so she immediately referred me to Frank who carried out sessions for Steps into Work which I found to be really helpful.

 Having worked with both Jasmine and Frank, I felt this has helped me very much to be able to get back into work. Jasmine made me aware of a job that matched my skills, experience and abilities, which was working for the Civil Service as a Work Coach. I immediately applied for this role and Jasmine offered great support with going through the application and providing feedback on my behavioural questions for the application. I'm so grateful for the she and Twining Enterprise provided to help me get back on track. 


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