Minnie’s story from PTSD to launching her own business

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IPSW banner Success Story Minnie  websiteMinnie was in an abusive marriage for almost 35 years. The abuse became more & more evident after they had 2 children. She found out that he was getting involved with 18 year old’s while his own daughter was 14. Minnie then asked him to leave and soon moved out of that house.
All of this had a huge impact on her confidence and wellbeing. She had a nervous breakdown in 2013 and suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and severe depression. She isolated herself as she felt she had no energy. Her daughter encouraged her to see a psychiatrist. Minnie went from one job to another and was bullied at work because of low self-esteem. She is a very strong person and didn’t give up.
Minnie started therapy with the IAPT and met Esha our Employment Specialist (ES). Minnie says:
“I went from strength to strength during the time I spent working with Esha. She guided me through the challenges and for the first time I had someone guiding me who had my best interest At heart. Esha did affirmations with me and asked me to write & repeat phrases like I am strong. This small exercise helped me
reprogramme my psyche and helped re-establish my belief system. She gave me homework which would make me feel much more organised. Esha worked really hard to find different options as I didn’t know what I wanted. She provided me information on courses and other useful avenues to follow up in order to improve my skill set and prepare me for the world of work.
During our sessions, Esha gave me small tasks and achievable goals to keep me motivated. Her guidance helped me stay on track. We formulated a business plan and worked on it over several weeks until a firm plan was in place. Esha made sure that I researched every detail of logistics, finance, how to get clients… I did an IT course and worked with the franchise to launch a Bioresonance therapy centre.
Esha helped restore my confidence and taught me how to relate to the world at large. Not only that she has also helped me understand the importance of taking care of myself. Before I met her, I couldn’t even string two sentences, just adding 6 + 7 seemed like an impossible calculation. Thanks to Esha I am now running my own business and feel extremely happy and proud of myself. Thank you Esha & Twining for your support”.

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