Mehak's success story

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Mehak suffers from a lot of anxiety due to child abuse. As a child, it is impossible to express something like this to anyone and thus she bottled up all those emotions inside for years. These deeply buried emotions surfaced when she was completely burned out in her last job, as she always wanted to please everyone around her and would end up working incessantly.

She loved working as a teaching assistant in the education sector as she felt she was making a real difference by working with and helping children to communicate with their parents as well as other adults in their lives. She would assist them in learning new skills and also work on school homework. However the working environment was very exhausting as she also had to deal with the school politics, trying to please her supervisors and other authority figures. All this led to a breakdown and she went off work.

She then started therapy with IAPT and was referred to Twining when she started feeling better. She lacked confidence in her own abilities and wasn’t sure if she was ready to work.

Our Employment Specialist (ES) Esha helped her take baby steps in order to not feel daunted by the overwhelming task of going back to work and dealing with lots of stress. She also helped Mehak realize that by pushing her boundaries little by little she was capable of achieving much more. Esha helped her prepare for interviews and conducted many such activities majorly to bring back her confidence in her own abilities.

Mehak also started attending our amazing Job Club and Employability Skills workshops, where Frank our Employability Trainer taught her different techniques to build motivation, set goals as well as learn time management and problem solving skills.

Within a span of less than three months, she started two different volunteering jobs and has excelled in each one of them. She conducts awesome workshops for young children in the libraries where they learn more about Math & Science through fun activities. Her workshops were such a huge success that the library decided to hire more volunteers and Mehak is now training them. All of this increased her confidence and comfort to a paramount level that she has now updated her CV and is applying for paid jobs.

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