Liam's career is back on track

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After completing my degree in Manchester I had been doing bar work locally and then I moved back home to London. I had graduated the year before but I no idea what I wanted to go into and I was quite depressed. Having been diagnosed with depression and anxiety I was referred to the Twining Enterprise employment support by the NHS. At that time I was in and out of work, mainly taking on admin jobs at various places.

Twining Enterprise supported me in a whole range of different ways. My Employment Specialist helped me restructure my CV to tailor it to the jobs I was really interested in. Prior to this my lack of self-confidence and lack of direction had definitely been holding me back, not really knowing what job route to go down.

The biggest thing for me was with interview techniques. Amina, my Employment Specialist, sat me down for an informal chat to figure out what I was good at and what I wanted to do. She set me some homework: to come up with a two-minute message, like an elevator pitch, about who I was. She was fantastic with helping me focus and sell myself. It boosted my confidence a lot. I felt more capable of talking about myself, my skills and my abilities.

My Employment Specialist helped me understand what I needed to focus on, and we practised interviews over and over until it became second nature to me. Her guidance was essential in helping me get the job I wanted.

After two or three months seeing Amina I feel a thousand times better now, I’ve got more drive, I feel like I’ve got a purpose, I feel more confident in my abilities and meeting new people and improvements all round. I would absolutely recommend your services. 

I am now working as an Admin Assistant at a management consultancy firm near Green Park in Central London. I got the offer of an interview whilst I was seeing Amina, we practised for the interview until I was perfect for it and she was instrumental in me getting the job.

Liam was the model client - receptive, wanting to learn, to have a go and despite all the ridiculous things I asked him to do, he did do them and trusted me. I knew he had it in him to succeed because of the transferable skills learnt at uni, his dissertation, his job as a waiter, his attitude and aptitude to achieve his goal. We worked on his gravitas through owning the job he was going for. We discussed what would happen in the job, what he could do in the first 90 days and how to shine and progress by being involved, by asking for a personal development plan. Liam is bright, humble and will go a long way. I know. 

Amina, Employment Specialist

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