Schizophrenia had left a four month gap in Chuk's CV

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Chuk left hospital after a period of mental ill health but had a four month gap in his CV. He was unable to find work and was forced to borrow money from his family...

Out of the four times I’ve been in hospital, my last admission was the worst one; I was there for about four months. My wife was pregnant at the time and I was really unwell.

I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was having paranoid delusions that I thought were real. I was lucky to have family and friends who would visit me and bring me food. I’ve had mental health problems since I was 19. I’m now in my 30s. 

It’s been hard since leaving hospital as all my benefits were stopped. My wife has been lending me money.

When I was discharged from hospital I was introduced to an Employability Specialist (Stephen), by my Care Coordinator, to help me find work.

I am a qualified Social Worker and I’ve been looking for work in this area for the past year but I’ve been unsuccessful.

I’ve faced stigma and discrimination at work in the past so disclosing my illness to potential employers is something I avoid.

Stephen has supported me in my search for work by helping me with applications and helping me find work opportunities.

I recently got a job as a residential support worker. I’m always happy when I’m working!

This person has chosen not to share their real image. Image from Time to Change's 'Get the Picture' campaign.

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