After a rough year Carrie* is inspired!

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Carrie was out of work and getting support from Louise, an Employment Advisor at Twining Enterprise. This is the letter she wrote to Louise, to let her know some good news....

I wanted to let you know, that I finally got a job. Woo hoo! I wanted to let you know that I think that you are incredible at your job. You really inspired me; and I learnt a lot from you; and was and still do very much appreciate our sessions.

It has been a tough year to be fair but you were non-judgemental, approachable, and understanding of my needs and how I wanted to prepare for looking at roles.

You recognised how I learn most effectively and through your person centred approach you allowed me to learn and develop my skills. 

Going through job descriptions and interviews with you taught me a lot. Role plays showed me how the interview might go and made me think outside of the box. This allowed me to explore potential questions and what kind of answers they would be looking for.

I appreciated that you didn't put me on the spot as you kindly took my health condition seriously.

I would appreciate if you could spread this message around; I want you to be recognised for how you have made a difference! You are so modest and down to earth, and I believe naturally relate to a spectrum of people. From your hands on, knowledgeable and person centred approach- you facilitated the sessions most effectively and get to the point. Thank you!

*This client has chosen not to share their real name and image. Image from Time to Change's 'Get the Picture' campaign

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