Sonia's* new job makes her optimistic for the future

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Sonia wasn't coping well at work and her mental health was suffering. With support she was able to find a new job and not only stay but thrive at work.

I had worked for a company for a very long time. Whilst the company was small I was able to manage but as it grew in size my workload increased as well.

I was still trying to cope on my own and without realising I was beginning to stress and spend sleepless nights worrying about the work that was not done.

I felt like I wasn’t being treated fairly by my employers.

Unfortunately, it came to a head one day when I broke down and made an urgent appointment with my GP who signed me off immediately. I was very fortunate that my GP was able to put me in touch with a care team at the hospital. I was introduced to Hannah who is an Employment specialist at Twining.

Hannah became my lifeline and she was always available at the end of the phone, or to arrange a face-to-face meeting with me.

Hannah also mediated between myself and the employers; which gave me strength and helped me eliminate my fears, anxiety and stress. The support that Hannah gave me though this period was invaluable.

Although I was able to return to work, I made the decision that in the longer term, it would be better to find a different job. When I was feeling well and confident Hannah helped me to create a CV which I put online. I was very worried that prospective employers would guess at my age, and in my early 60s, I was worried about whether I could find another job. Even going to recruitment agencies I felt that my age was against me. 

However, I ended up having very positive responses from my online applications and within a couple of weeks one of them resulted in a part time position and I resigned from my old post. I am now happily employed and very comfortable in my new position.

I am extremely grateful to Twining for all the support and help that was given to me; without it I don't even want to think what would have happened to me and my concerned and loving family.

I am extremely positive and optimistic about my future and my new job.

*This client has chosen not to share their real name and image.
Image, from Time to Change 'Get the Picture' campaign

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