My mentor has given me invaluable knowledge!

Jonathan success story

We were delighted when Jonathan signed up to our Developing Futures 12-week e-mentoring programme for young people aged between 18-24 years old from ethnic minority backgrounds and struggling with their mental health.  We were able to pair him with an experienced mentor who understood the field of work he was interested in moving into, which helped make the pairing helpful and meaningful for both.  Here Jonathan tells us in his own words, how he found the online mentoring experience…

“Working with the Developing Futures programme has been nothing but a delight from start to finish. I was initially anxious about what I would gain from the experience but after an initial meeting with my mentor, where she took a genuine interest in what I wanted to accomplish during my time in the programme, my worries were no longer a problem.

During the mentorship, I learned a lot about the resources I should’ve been using to make sure I present my best self to potential employers and have significantly gained the confidence needed to get my desired job.

What inspired me the most is that my mentor took it upon herself to take the extra step to organise a mock interview with a manager from her company for my desired role. From this, I gained key insight into how to best prepare myself for an interview and what it would feel like, a defining point in any application process. She always aimed to make sure I felt supported and could leave the programme fully equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed.

The world of work is a very large and confusing place. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone feeling lost and looking for that extra push in the right direction. My mentor has given me invaluable knowledge that I will be sure to use to elevate my career and I am truly grateful.”

Developing Futures is funded by the Mayor of London’s #NewDealForYoungPeople scheme, in collaboration with Propel, and also supported by the Social Business Trust.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact our Programme Manager, Charlotte Barrett, on c.barrett@twiningenterprise.org.uk or WhatsApp her on 07908 722385.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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