Twining Enterprise continues partnership with Only a Pavement Away!

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Twining Enterprise is thrilled to be continuing its work with Only a Pavement Away – supporting people into a range of fulfilling and sustainable roles in the hospitality sector.  Only a Pavement Away and Twining Enterprise share the same ethos around supporting vulnerable individuals back into work, helping them to achieve stability through employment, which makes for the perfect partnership!

Only a Pavement Away is a charity that connects employers in the hospitality industry and charities working with people facing homelessness, prison leavers and veterans, to help them find reliable employment in the hospitality industry, and thereby end their homelessness.  The clients that both Twining Enterprise and Only a Pavement Away work with all possess a strong work ethic but need that vital opportunity to reintegrate back into society.

Both organisations understand the importance employment plays in breaking the cycle of poverty, homelessness or an enduring mental health challenge.  They also both understand how the structure and financial stability that work brings not only helps to sustain healthy housing, but also brings added benefits in terms of raising confidence, improving mental health and wellbeing, increasing self- esteem, and creating new personal and social networks.

Aniksha Patel, Employer Engagement Manager at Twining Enterprise explained, “Our partnership means that Twining Enterprise clients have access to a free jobs board run by Only a Pavement Away which lists a range of available jobs in the hospitality sector.  This includes an applicant tracking system to monitor and support clients as they successfully transition into employment.”

Charity Relationship Manager, Hannah Barnett, explained, “Another strength of our project is that all job candidates benefit from the employer being aware of their previous circumstances. This removes any concerns for the candidate about explaining a possibly fragmented career history or anxiety they may have around the job selection process. This openness and transparency in the process is a key determinate in forging a bond and sense of honesty between the employee and employer.”

For Twining Enterprise clients this transparency at the outset provides reassurance that prospective employers are not only aware of the mental health challenges they face, but also accept and embrace them and are ready to work alongside candidates to make the move into employment as smooth as possible.

About Twining Enterprise

Twining Enterprise exists to improve mental wellbeing through helping people with mental health problems find and stay in work; and for over 25 years it has been changing the lives of individuals across London.  To help create the right job opportunities Twining works directly with employers, handpicked for their desire to create an inclusive and diverse workforce which values mental wellbeing, and challenges stigma and discrimination.

If you are 19 or over, unemployed and have a mental health condition, Twining Enterprise's IPS Works programme can help you with finding work, sector-based training or help prepare you for independent job-searching.  Our IPS Works project is part funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund.

You can find out more at www.twiningenterprise.org.uk.

About Only a Pavement Away

Only a Pavement Away is a charity founded by representatives from the hospitality industry who believe that everyone deserves the chance to find and forge a career.

Our aim is to act as an effective conduit between forward-thinking hospitality employers and charities working with people facing homelessness, prison leavers and veterans who struggling to get into work, overcome hurdles by finding jobs within the hospitality, pub and restaurant industry. Our industry is an exciting one, built on people.

Only A Pavement Away will help those who are facing homelessness and are therefore struggling to get into work by:

  • Offering career opportunities within the hospitality industry
  • Facilitating training and development programmes, creating capability for work
  • Offering financial support to overcome the barriers to employment including support with rent and other costs which may hinder stability

Outside of the moral benefits, the project is underpinned by a strong commercial and financial benefit to the hospitality, pub and restaurant industry whilst reducing the ever-increasing strain on government funding required for those who find themselves in such extreme and vulnerable circumstances.

The funds raised by Only a Pavement Away will be used to support those returning to work, supplement the resources required by the charities/associations to manage the project and promote the jobs available in the hospitality sector.

You can find out more at https://onlyapavementaway.co.uk/.

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