Twining Enterprise sign new employer partnership with the LEYF!

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Twining Enterprise is delighted to have formalised its relationship with the London Early Years Foundation, a social enterprise and registered charity working to change the world one child at a time!

The exciting new partnership between Twining Enterprise and the London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) means that Twining clients looking to work in the child education and care sector will have access to all LEYF’s vacancies, with some opportunities perfect for Twining clients with a particular passion for, or experience of, working in this field.

LEYF provides access to high quality affordable Early Years education and care to children across London.  Today, LEYF supports 4,000 children and employs 800 staff across its growing family of 39 nurseries in 12 London boroughs.  It sustainably supports these children and families through its social enterprise model.

Lucy Bourne, Early Years Recruitment Partnerships Manager at LEYF explained, “We value our staff and provide career progression and development opportunities for all. We also offer some of the most competitive salaries and benefits within the Early Years sector.  Our LEYF Training Academy provides short courses, CPD, degree courses, and coaching for our staff so that you can grow. learn and continuously improve your knowledge of Early Years Education and Care.  We have vacancies at different levels, and also have some great training programmes including our ‘Chef Academy’, ‘Sustainability’ qualification and ‘Apprentice Academy’.”

Aniksha Patel, Employer Engagement Manager at Twining Enterprise commented, “This partnership opens up some fantastic opportunities for Twining clients – all of whom are committed individuals looking to find work in an environment that brings job security, job satisfaction and the chance for development and career progression, which is exactly what LEYF provides its employees!”

As well as providing a range of different job opportunities, LEYF is also a social enterprise and therefore shares the same core values and beliefs as Twining Enterprise, making it the perfect partnership.  It uses the surplus supplies generated from nurseries in more affluent areas of London to cross-subsidise operations in the more deprived areas.  LEYF nurseries are disproportionately located in areas of London that need it most – 77% in deprived areas of London.

LEYF also consistently achieve high quality ratings – over 50% of LEYF nurseries are rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted versus 22% on average in London. 

About Twining Enterprise

Twining Enterprise exists to improve mental wellbeing through helping people with mental health problems find and stay in work; and for over 25 years it has been changing the lives of individuals across London.  To help create the right job opportunities Twining works directly with employers, handpicked for their desire to create an inclusive and diverse workforce which values mental wellbeing, and challenges stigma and discrimination.

If you are 19 or over, unemployed and have a mental health condition, Twining Enterprise's IPS Works programme can help you with finding work, sector-based training or help prepare you for independent job-searching.  Our IPS Works project is part funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund.

You can find out more at www.twiningenterprise.org.uk.

About LEYF

LEYF is a charitable social enterprise that gives London’s children (especially those most in need) the best start in life by providing access to high quality, affordable Early Years education and care. LEYF operates 39 nurseries throughout 12 boroughs across London. LEYF’s nurseries are disproportionately located in areas of London with high levels of need. As of 31 March 2021, 77% of LEYF’s nurseries were in the ‘most deprived’ and ‘deprived’ areas vs. an average of 50% throughout London. LEYF also consistently achieves higher Ofsted ratings, with over 50% of our nurseries rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, versus 22% on average in London.

You can find out more at https://leyf.org.uk/.

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