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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better  – Albert Einstein

From the 10th to 16th May, Twining Enterprise will be marking Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. This year’s theme set by one the UKs oldest mental health charities, the Mental Health Foundation is “Nature.” More particularly, how we as individuals are able to connect with nature in order to improve our own mental wellbeing.

A recent survey conducted by the MHF showed 45% of people think connecting with nature is vital to their mental health; and this particularly true during the lockdowns of 2020. In light of this we decided to undertake a bit of our own research, asking our staff members how they connect with nature to keep well; this is what we found out.

‘“Being in nature helps me slow down, reconnect to what is important and make space for the fresh and new to come…” Oli Jacobs – CEO of Twining Enterprise.

“Nature helps me to stop, appreciate and reflect on my thoughts about my life and the life around me. I feel blessed to have nature around me and I am inspired by the different sounds I hear and the sights I am grateful to see.” Aniksha Patel – Employer Engagement Manager

“"We're all prone to natural forms of stress, and I find that a couple of hours a day spent with nature alone, works wonders to restore, re-balance and revitalise my soul." Monique – Senior Employment Specialist.

Another Senior Employment Specialist Amina even wrote a poem. A ‘Bright and Green Virtual Dream’

How bright and green is my virtual dream!

Just as when meanders of glossy and stormy thoughts

Penetrate intensely my soul

I am trapped alone at home – so no walks!

I allow my mind to go free for a stroll

Where it takes me is where no one else has been

How wonderful these shades of green

I am there sitting one of the bench and contemplate

No other audience than trees in the wait

There is still this softly deceitful nag at the back of my mind

I shake off the daze and shift myself straight

There they are tall and proud!

Bright, green and splendid

The Olive tree, the elm tree, even the willow tree as my crowd

 Birds nesting

 My soul resting

 Happiness festing.

 Ahhhhhhhhhhh how beautiful and relaxing.


Our Comms Lead Kevin Childs was more philosophical stating: 

Connecting with nature brings me a sense of tranquillity, watching the seasons help me see that everything changes. Even bad times, pass away.

Frank Fallon, a Twining Enterprise Service Manager, believes open-water and beach-strolls are vital for his mental health. 

I find the sea calming, and through lockdown found myself missing the open water. The waves are so therapeutic and I find emotions are similar to the ever changing sea. Strong currents, big, crashing waves or calming and tranquil, peaceful etc I love how the shoreline is different every single day and no matter how I feel the nature of the sea is always able to bring me back, feeling centred and present

Our Employment Specialist Amy Hussain told us:

Connecting with nature is what helps me maintain my mental well-being.  If I’m ever feeling down, all I need to do a grab my box of duck/swan food and pay them a visit at the reservoir nearby.  Just a walk around the reservoir makes me feel happy and takes all my worries away.  What I love most out being able to connect with nature is that it always gives you a sense of peace and you will never not enjoy it.

Finally, the newest member of the Twining family Sundus, also an Employment Specialist said. 

‘I connected with nature thanks to mindfulness exercise. The aim was to leave the electronic devices at home and explore the nearest parks and nature trails around me. Make sure all my senses were utilized. Feel the weather, hear the sounds, take in the vibrant colors and smells. Connect with my inner child, explore and be curious. I would then make a note of what one new thing I noticed that I never did before due to hectic life. This being present in the moment and breath is like giving myself a much needed mental hug.’

The bottom line, is that all of us at some point in time require a break; and connecting with nature is a great way to do it. In fact we too conducted our own in-house survey and found 100% of our staff members found nature vital to their mental health! Even with the work we do, helping clients in and into work, letting go of all that to connect to nature is equally important too. 

If you'd like to speak to any of Employment Specialists please contact us today. 

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