Twining is proud to be a Living Wage Employer

Living Wage in oblong

Twining Enterprise is committed to supporting people with mental health conditions to find or maintain work. This informs our commitment to making work rewarding and fulfilling for own workforce.

For work to provide the benefits we believe it can to our clients health and wellbeing we believe it has to be able to offer people a minimum standard of living. A healthy work/life balance can only be meaningfully achieved when people are paid a living wage. We endevour to support the positive work/life balance, wellbeing and dignity of all of our staff by paying them a living wage for their hard work.

By investing in our staff we can ensure they feel valued, supported and equipped to support our clients to the best of their abilities. As part of our commitment to being a centre of excellence in the delivery of mental health employment support we believe that fair pay for our staff supports the delivery of an excellent service. That's why we are proud to be a Living Wage Foundation employer alongside many of the NHS Foundations that we work alongside.

You can see full details of Living Wage organisations and the value of paying the Living Wage on the Living Wage Foundation's Website.

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