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To celebrate 20 years of employment support for people with mental health problems we've put together an interactive e-review for 2014-15 (with pictures, facts and real stories).

Congratulations to everyone over the years who has got into work or found support to stay in work! As it is a special 20th year, we have created a unique e-magazine to let you know what we've been up to during 2014-15.

It is filled with infographics, links, facts about mental health, images and stories- as well as a message recorded by our Chief Executive, Bob. Parts of it are about employment support for people with mental health problems, support for people in work and campaigning to create workplaces free from stigma and discrimination. 

You can view the interactive report here with links and audio.

There is also an Impact Review you can download too but you won't be able to click on any links or hear Bob's message!

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