Dusk till Dawn, Poetry on National Poetry Day

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A Poem for World Poetry Day

From dusk to dawn

Tomorrow when I am there,
When daylight starts shimmering across the horizon, I will be there
I will dig deep inside my ego to revive the shady gleam
I promise I will be there

My mind will be open to the floods of opportunities
Because you see, I want to get there
Why should I let my perceived failure
Become a behaviour?

I was once someone
No need to prove it to anyone
But now, today, in the present tense
Doubts are not making sense

The shady light inside
Yet turned to the murky river I hide
Is it a bush, a wood or endless trees?
Feelings of defeat got me on my knees

Wait a minute
Got me on my knees?
How did I let that dimming light cloud my perspective?

I was good. Nothing has changed, I still am.
I had knowledge. It doesn’t disappear.
I was able, I accomplished a lot.
I was a champion, people still see me as one.

I was positive. I can still be.
I am someone.
Who can turn the floodlights back on
To clear the murky river
Let me turn it back on so that I can see better
Because today, I am there!

By Amina

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