I Became a Mental Health First Aider Just in Time


A recent Twining Mental Health First Aider talks about how MHFA has made her think about mental health differently and given her the knowledge to help a friend. 

I thought I would share how attending two days of MHFA Training has had an impact on my life and how it helped a very good friend to see that she needed help too.

Clearly more support is needed in the area of mental health. If more people see the signs, more can be done to make a difference.

Before attending the training, I just got on with life but with struggles going on in my head and life.

The training was full-on, intense and a great benefit for someone who suffers with depression and who volunteers and works in the community. I now have a clearer understanding of mental health. The course gave so much and it is greatly needed for people to get a fuller awareness of conditions and symptoms, etc.

My own friend was very emotional and upset due to a suicide in her community. Because of MHFA I was more aware and knew what to do. When I shared what I knew with my friend, she realised she had many symptoms of mental ill health. She was covering them, trying to be busy and suppressing everything.

If I did not have that amazing training, I wouldn't have really been able to help my friend. She is now getting support and is more aware of her mood and behaviour. She is much better and I am grateful that I was able to have the knowledge to help one person, so far.

MHFA Training needs to go out to so many people; those in the mental health sector and those in other organisations.

Some people do not have personal experience and don't really understand clearly- even those that do can’t always see how it impacts all areas of life and how they can help others or themselves.

It is something we need to spread, so everyone can be knowledgeable, or more knowledgeable, to make a difference to at least one person too.

I have made a difference and know now that I am going to be OK and so is my friend. So thank you Twining Enterprise for the opportunity to attend the training.......priceless.

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