Training for individuals

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If you would like to feel better able to support people you work with's mental health and wellbeing our Mental Health First Aid courses can be signed up by any individual and will help you gain important skills and understanding to support anyone experiencing a mental health issue at work. 


We also work with a range of partners to provide training solutions that support people with mental health to find the right career for them. In particular we work with ASE Assist to deliver practical, supportive programmes to help people get unstuck and back to work. They run courses in partnership with colleges, Job Centres and Housing Associations. ASE Assist programmes are open to anyone being supported by Twining to help them explore whether independent and remote work, self-employment, the Gig Economy, flexible work and working from home. If you are interested download the Ase Assist Flyer about ASE's courses for job seekers to explore flexible working options. 

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