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Education and Skills FAQ

What is the education and skills programme and how can it help me?

 The Skills & Education programme will help you to gain new or additional qualifications in order to achieve the next stage of their chosen career pathways. Engaging in courses and training also enables you to improve your confidence, network and gain a positive outlook on the future.

What type of courses and further training does Twining Enterprise offer? is it vocational, academic, entry level or higher?

We offer a full range of courses at all levels. We’ve been researching the entire skills and training market in order to identify the most suitable course for you.

How much does it cost?

Our first objective is to try and ensure that the courses are fully funded so that it doesn’t cost you anything. However, in some instances where this isn’t possible, we will certainly look at part funding courses on a case by case basis.

Who will teach me on the course? This is a question to make sure clients know that Twining’s is connecting clients to training providers?

All courses are run by external training providers and we will ensure where possible that the course is tutor led or tutor supported

What do I need in order to join?

If you are looking to pursue further education or training we want to hear from you. Clients must be at least 25 years old, unemployed and have the right to live and work in the UK. Other than that, we are quite flexible. You can live outside our seven delivery boroughs, although bear in mind the service may be held in one of the seven boroughs; and you don’t have to be on benefits but you can be too. If you have been enrolled before unfortunately you can’t reenroll. Finally, there is an initial assessment to see how we can best support you and some paperwork; once’ completed you’ll be ready to go.

Will doing a course or further training get me a job?

Pursuing a further course, qualification or training will certainly enhance you career prospects and give you the edge in the job market. However please note that we can’t guarantee you will have a job once you have completed your course.

I don’t know what qualifications I want or even need, can someone help me decide?

That’s not a problem! The Education Specialist will ask you a series of questions about your background, experience, previous qualifications and career goals. We will then work with you to ascertain your career pathway and the potential skills training that you will need to undertake to achieve your goals.

I want to change my career; can I pursue a course which is completely different from my background?

Absolutely! If you have a number of years of work experience under your belt you probably would have picked up a considerable amount of transferable skills. Those experiences and skills combined with relevant courses could be a kickstart your new career!

I want to work, but I my Maths and English isn’t so great. Can I get a qualification to put on my CV?

Its vitally important to ensure you have suitable English and Maths skills for the jobs that you apply for. If you feel you need to improve we can source all kinds of courses from basic Maths and ESOL to Functional Skills English and Math.

I have a family member who is interested can I recommend them? 

Absolutely. We always welcome new referrals long as they meet our eligibility criteria.

How are the courses delivered?

That depends on the training provider. However, it could be classroom, distance learning (paper based), online or blended (combination of classroom and online). Some courses require manual/physical practice, and these will take place in suitable venues. Please note currently there is a very limited availability of classroom-based courses due to COVID-19.


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