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Would you like to upskill yourself to find the job that inspires you that allows you to thrive in your profession? At Twining, our specialists will help and support you to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for your dream job through accredited and fully funded training courses. We will support you to:

  • Identify the specific gaps in your skills and knowledge and tailor a solution to your unique requirements
  • Scan the entire skills and training market to identify the fully accredited course well suited to your professional needs and learning curve whether the courses are delivered online; are classroom based or a blend of both. whether its classroom based, online or blended learning to suit your needs
  • Ensure that the course is fully funded so there is no pressure on your own personal finances

We work with partners that deliver a wide range of courses from basic and functional skills right up to professional courses. Here are examples of some of the courses available:

  2. Functional skills English and Math’s
  3. SIA (Security Industry Authority)
  4. CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme)
  5. Teaching Assistant (various levels)
  6. Working with People with Mental Health Needs
  7. Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
  8. Principles of Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings
  9. Principles of Customer Service
  10. Principles of Business Administration
  11. Creating a Business/Start-Up
  12. Information, Advice and Guidance
  13. IT (beginners to advance)
  14. Accounting
  15. Project Management

Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you:
0300 790 6218 

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